100 Flowers Project submission


Paying attention to the theme of ‘Wild Flowers surrounding the foot print of the hospital’, brought me to Pollock Park where I found the Wild Cherry Blossom, or Geanois in Gaelic, in full bloom with the blossom falling beneath. It was undeniably lovely.

In my work the blossom drifts up and catch at the top of the frame, and without straying too far from a botanical illustration I have signified the light flowers bring, rather than their biology.  The temporal reminder given by fallen blossom also becomes inconsequential. I looked to the work of the 16th century Scottish Botanical Illustrator, Elizabeth Blackwell, for reference.

Through the visual traces left after scanning, printing then cyanatyping (itself a photo chemical process driven by light) I hope to share, for a space where a reminder of those small touches of light is relevant, the simple light of the blossoming Geanois.




Text reads:

[1] Traces of action in so faint as to almost not exist yet party to the traces in the unstable space of history, as every action is. From India to Scotland to here to You to ACT. 2013, May 11th, Barcelona.

In the unstable space of History between the tensions of past and present, cause and effect, lies the debris of actions. Every little action and its trace can affect a History whether it creates memory knowledge, word or action. The beat of a butterfly’s wing is taken as a symbol of the potential of cause and effect. The trace of its action has already moved across continents, and in this work it stands as a reference to provoke future positive action, however small, to change traces of History yet to be made.

This work was made for the Canvas Peace Project Exhibition, ‘Attention’, held in Untitled BCN, Barcelona, on the 11th of May. The exhibition’s aim was to raise awareness and provoke further action to help the situation South Sudan finds itself in following the devastating damage wreaked by war. It was sold in a silent auction, all proceeds going towards http://hopeforariang.org

Canvas Peace Project, Barcelona

On the 11th May, in Untitled BCN, Barcelona, we, a group of International artists will exhibiting art work in the event ‘ATTENTION!/ATENCION’ to raise awareness of the humanitarian situation in South Sudan.

All funds raised through auctioning the Art works will go towards ‘Hope For Ariang’ a foundation which supports the education and development of the village of Ariang in South Sudan. ‘The Canvas Peace Project’ is an initiative created to support Hope For Ariang. It will be the first such exhibition in Barcelona.

My blog on The Canvas Peace Project Barcelona continues at:  http://canvaspeaceprojectbcn.wordpress.com

My work for the exhibition starts with butterfly wings I picked up in India..

Heavy Skies

One years worth of Meteorologically measured Highland rainfallThe weight of the Scottish sky bears down on you with all the density of diffused water and light. The process of evaporation, condensation and precipitation is so raw that in respiration you become aware of yourself as a tiny cog in the machinations of the skies.

In their transience atmosphere and light are so very hard to capture. I spent a long time working with ice in its changing state, then glasses of water, trying to trap the light reflected and channeled. I discovered cynaptyping, a photo chemical process which stains the paper with exposed light, until it became clear the glasses of water themselves as art object were the truest carriers of my intention.  As the air deflects reflects and captures light to gentle and striking effect so too do the glasses of water chase surrounding movements and shifts of light.

In this installation the skies are trapped and condensed and the water becomes a placid machinee to its surroundings. Once again man’s measurements gain a grip to make sense of the overwhelming; the glasses are filled with six litres of water, approximately one year’s worth of meteorologically recorded rainwater from the brooding skies of the west highlands of Scotland.

Vast Little space

“Nature is an infinite sphere, whose centre is everywhere and whose circumference is no where” Pascal
There is one space of vast empty nature I’m tied to and overwhelmed by. I carry this space with me, treasured as an ideal.
Photos in wallets or lockets are no less important for their size, instead perhaps all the more powerful for their ability to be held close. My space is represented in photo, small, contained and preserved in water recreating the plays of atmosphere of that little world.
By installing it in a large vacuous space I hope to convey the vertiginous sense of scale of my sublime.

My Constellation

Body and Limits

The facts of moles and freckles leave little to recommend them and I have trouble liking my ever increasing number. Rather than avoid their existence I confronted and documented them, for in other ways they are a unique blueprint.

In the process they became a new Constellation with it’s sense of limitless beauty, to be elevated onto the walls of a gallery, at once intimate and anonymous.